This World is Totally Fugazi

Welcome! I’ll kick things off with my very first Totally True Story Tuesday, originally posted on Facebook on December 30, 2014.

Okay so in 1988 I was doing my very first college radio show, apprenticing under a savvy senior DJ named Pam. I was still very much a sheltered, ignorant, unsocialized prog rock nerd at the time. So much so that when Pam asked to fetch a Fugazi album from the collection it led to some “Who’s on first?” comedy act where she was referring to the (very new at the time) indie rock band, and I was referring to an album called “Fugazi” by the band Marillion. The conversation went something like:

Pam: Can you get me that new Fugazi record from the library?
Matt: Oh I love that record, but I dig their earlier stuff better.
Pam: What earlier stuff?
Matt: You know,” Script for a Jester’s Tear.”
Pam: ?!?!?!
Matt: [digs out Marillion’s “Fugazi” from the library and shows Pam]
Pam: [completely stumped by the ridiculous cover art] Oh this is a different band.
Matt: Ha okay – but pretty cool that this Fugazi band named themselves after this Marillion album!
Pam: ?!?!?!?!?!?!

Anyway… fast forward five years. Several random and unexpected twists of fate later I was found myself living in Oakland, California and one of my housemates was the sister of a member of the band Fugazi. And as some kind of postponed karmic penance for previously being such a clueless, miserable prog-rock-centric dolt she had a cat that would frequently sneak into my room and crap on the floor behind my stereo.

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